Hottest Feature On Instagram Right Now with Corey Walker

social media Nov 26, 2021
Hottest Feature On Instagram Right Now



Instagram has become a crucial platform for a lot of businesses. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Corey Walker, co-author of Instagram For Dummies, shares her take on the hottest Instagram features you need to be using to promote yourself.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [2:50] Oh, first of all, I'm excited about reels. And let me just say personally, I have noticed, I think as many people have that the reach, the organic reach is so much higher on reels. And hopefully, that's not just for a limited time, but tell me what you know about reels as it stands today?
▶️ [4:54] But here's the thing, I think when we look at the sheer number of people who are using Instagram on a monthly basis, the monthly visits, the monthly users send the billions, like it's over a billion, monthly active users. So chances are pretty high that for most people, their audience is going to be there.
▶️ [6:11] I think a short-form video is really powerful. It's just really an indication of what people want to consume today. And it's probably even more indicative of the fact that people's attention spans are so low. We're really busy. They still want value. They still want to be entertained. They still want to be inspired, but they want to do it in short form content and little snack-sized pieces.
▶️ [8:46] It's great. Yeah. And mine, like my reels, I try to teach something, but then I also like to put in some humor when I can. Because it's just more enjoyable people like the sense of humor. You probably won't see me dancing. I think my daughters would literally disown me if I started dancing. So you probably won't see me dancing, but a lot of people dance and if that's what they're into and that's what they like.
▶️ [10:22] And then I use Carousels, so I would say do reels, do some stories and then, Carousels are really big. They get a little bit better reach than just a static post. And one thing that's great about Carousels is if you do like three images in a carousel. If your audience sees it once, then the next time they go through their feed, they're going to see the second piece of the carousel and then the third.
▶️ [12:04] So really, if you're looking for a way to get in front of people that don't cost money, reels are a way to go. 
▶️ [14:03] I have been putting some of my reels on LinkedIn and on LinkedIn people, I've been getting a lot of bigger leads from LinkedIn. So it's not Instagram a lot of times I'm getting, "Oh, that was funny or they like it", but it's not as if things aren't happening as much. But when I put them on LinkedIn, I get those business leads and people saying, "Hey, I saw you on LinkedIn." I think maybe because reels are a little bit different, so it stands out more.
▶️ [16:23] I really appreciate you sharing the hottest feature on  Instagram reels. I know you and I both are. Benefiting from all of the free organic reaches that we've been getting. And now, hopefully, our audience also starts to see the value in jumping into Instagram and not only just doing reels but really utilizing the platform to expand their reach and grow their brands. 


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