Profiting From Your Personality On Camera with Luria Petrucci

video marketing Nov 25, 2021
Profiting From Your Personality On Camera



Want to show up more confidently and authentically on camera? Luria Petrucci from Live Streaming Pros is joining Cash In On Camera to talk about finding a balance between showing personality and still making your videos work for your business. Luria has been creating videos for over 16 years, and has used live video to grow audiences of 2 million people, and worked with Panasonic, Samsung, Go Daddy, AT&T, and more!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [0:38] And the apprehension comes from our societal experience over the course of our entire lives where people are trying to fit us into a box and it starts in school, right? No, don't speak up. No, don't do these things. And so we learn through our life that,  we should hide away our full personality.
▶️ [2:12] I love that you brought up business because that is predominantly what this audience is looking for. They're looking to grow their businesses, and there is a place for personality within the content that you create. I don't think it matters whether it's textual audio or video, you and I just happened to work in the video space, but this idea of injecting personality.
▶️ [4:20] And I broke free. I started going by my real name and I just started letting loose and embracing the things that I'm embarrassed by, in terms of my personality and dancing was one of those things. I did the dancing because I needed to push my limits of comfortability. And I embraced that.
▶️ [6:14] I know of specific examples of opportunities that I lost out on by not being really comfortable in my own skin and being who I was. And as soon as I flipped that around, I actually got those opportunities and I secured better and bigger opportunities.
▶️ [8:44] And so, I feel like that's a flaw because I don't know what people are talking about half the time. When I learned to release that and not be afraid of it, that's when my community started trying to stump me on live video. Right. And it became a game. It became engagement. They're not making fun of me. They don't think it's a bad thing. They think it's an endearing quality. 
▶️ [10:35] You have a signature style,  in terms of how, like, I love the color that you're wearing today. And often I see you wearing cute t-shirts and like you have a style, you have this like really laid back, cool vibe kind of style that portray. 
▶️ [12:05] If you are naturally that kind of overbearing or really in-your-face type of personality, then what you're going to do on camera is be that. And understand that not everybody is going to gel with that vibe and they are going to leave. 
▶️ [14:12] Now in this world, I live in the YouTube comments. You have to have somewhat of thick skin, but you also have to live with that and go, this is part of it. I feel personal that if you're not generating that kind of response, especially as your audience grows and maybe you're doing something wrong.
▶️ [16:28] My whole goal with this is to create and help guide you through the process of learning so that you create an action plan for your 2022 content, by the end of the summit. It's going to be really powerful and not just something that's cool to do, just because the speakers are amazing. I think it's going to really impact your content plan. and that's my goal. Yeah. So I'm really super pumped. 
▶️ [18:34] I think since given the topic that we're talking about today,  I will give this one. I love either Bonjoro or, even just video as an app, that you can record videos for people, and it automates all of the gatherings of the email adjustments sending that, so you don't have to do all of that. So let's say you make a sale, then you can send your customer a thank you or something to that effect. 


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