Why You Need To Care About Social Audio with Katie Brinkley

social media Dec 02, 2021
Why You Need To Care About Social Audio



Social audio is exploding. With a background in radio broadcasting, Katie Brinkley knows how to leverage it to help businesses grow. We're bringing Katie on Cash In On Camera to talk about what you need to know now and over the next decade about social audio so you don't get left behind.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:22] And that's when social audio really started taking off, clubhouse was the leader for this. But before even clubhouse took off with the live rooms and the daily interaction, and now there are so many social audio apps out there.
▶️ [5:42] And I was doing the marketing side of things and social media was always a side hustle. I always enjoyed seeing how I could help my clients and businesses grow through these social media apps. And when clubhouse came along, well, I saw it as another social media platform to learn. There are a lot of social media platforms out there and they all exist for a reason.
▶️ [7:53] A lot of people making is they would just go up on stage and they would talk about the same thing every time, which is great if you're an expert in that. But I talk about podcasting. I talk about social media. I talk about entrepreneurship. I talk about mom partnership. So, I talk about a variety of things in these different clubs, and by doing so I expanded my reach with a variety of my ideal clients and customers.
▶️[9:17] So there are so many audio platforms out there that you can really try to leverage. And again, it's just like social media, they all exist for a reason. So if you are trying to, and this is a very easy way of explaining how these different social audio apps kind of work. Clubhouse is great for conversations.
▶️ [11:32] I did try to do a couple of them and I had zero people listening and I thought, okay, either this is we're playing the algorithm. Organic reach game or what are we playing here? Right. Because I have a pretty sizable number of people who like my page and I have a sizable number of people in my group and yet crickets. So I thought, okay, I might do be doing something wrong. Was I doing something wrong or is it just a case of you have to be consistent and you've got to keep showing up because I'm happy to do that.
▶️ [13:45] Yeah. I definitely see that now. And I think it's one of those things too. Katie, whereas business owners we have 8 million strategies that we can employ, right. And use to get to grow our business and get our brand known online. And really our role is to decide where am I spending my time, my energy, and my maybe even money, if you have a team or you're outsourcing or hiring consultants or whatever. Because there are so many choices you have to really drill down on figuring out what does that strategy going to be. 
▶️ [15:11] Yes, absolutely. And I think that I feel like a broken record, but all these different platforms exist for different reasons. And if you try to do the same thing on all of them, then you are going to just end up with white noise. So you know, the strategy that I have for LinkedIn is very different than the strategy that I have for Instagram. I publish a lot of articles on LinkedIn, but on Instagram, you can find me dancing and pointing and doing some reels. So I have an entirely different strategy for all these different platforms and not every business owner.
▶️ [18:21] For me in my business, not just by speaking on these stages and hosting these rooms, but by seeing who I'm sitting next to, there are so many people out there, that you might never have the opportunity to meet because you weren't using the right hashtag or you weren't searching the right SEO in Facebook.
▶️ [20:13] Yeah. And I think that's the theme, as we end this episode, I think it's really boiling this, or distilling this down into relationships. How do we do that? And that is how you grow your business. You build relationships and there are a variety of ways in which to do that. I'm a big fan of, as you said, relationship building, building your network. And also social media using it for its actual intended purpose, getting up there and being social on social media, letting the selling thing happen in the background, and having systems set up by which you can do that. 
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