Strategic Goal Setting For High Video Output with Debra Eckerling

productivity Dec 03, 2021
Strategic Goal Setting For High Video Output



Want to create more video content but struggle making it happen? Goal-setting expert and award-winning author Debra Eckerling joins Cash In On Camera to share her goal-setting framework so you can crank out more videos and get on the fast track to higher productivity and results.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [0:57] The biggest challenge people have with any kind of goal, whether it relates to video or their life is they don't know what it is they actually want. They underthing their goals, they overthink their goals that they're living, maybe goals from a past business endeavor. It doesn't matter. Let's put all that aside. But the thing that's the biggest challenge is people don't know what they want. They do not set the foundation and you can't get what you want unless you know what you want, whether it's the big life goal or a successful video show, if you don't have that vision, that mission, that really solidified purpose, then you're just going to spin in a circle.
▶️ [3:31] But give yourself the gift of that time, because you're going to be more successful down the line once you know what you're creating from there. Explore your options. So I want to be a known expert in X. I want a video show on Y. Well, what does that look like? What does that mean? Is it a video show? Is it a video and also podcasts? What do you want it to hook about? Do you want to do a solo show, a group show, anything that basically comes out of your brain? You want to explore the possibilities, do some research, look at what else is out there, see what you like, see what you don't like, and, pick and choose. 
▶️ [5:55] I think, yes, we all know what that we want to be the number one show, the number one video. We have an idea in our head, but I don't think that's nearly as important as what you want to bring into the world. So, as I mentioned before, the D and the dev method is determined your mission, and that's really a combination of who you are and what makes you unique, but also how you help, whether it is to inform, entertain, or educate all of the above.
▶️ [8:02] This idea of the networks that we build and he comes on my show and I go on yours and you come on mine and all the goodness that can come from that. But it all does stem from a goal because if you didn't have a goal if I didn't have a goal or Christian or Ethan didn't have their own goals for their businesses and for their visibility online, none of that would happen.
▶️ [10:28] So I love networking, having a show where I get to hang out with my friends and other people get to watch. That's very much in alignment with what I am all about, but it also helps me with my goals because you can't reach your goals on your own. You need your people. So, in one aspect, my show is to inform, educate, entertain, and hopefully inspire people to really embrace the life they want and work towards it.
▶️ [15:55] So it's the same thing. And it's all for that purpose. It all serves my motto of goal setting and simplified my mission to help people embrace the life they want with simple tools and habits. They can do in 15, 30-hour increments, whatever you have time for to do that. And you basically describe the depth method inadvertently it's really figuring out that mission, exploring what that looks like and doing the brainstorming, writing everything down, and divide and conquer.
▶️ [18:33] As we mentioned before, it's a long struggle. You need to be patient, but if you can keep your eye on the prize and create a vision of what that is, what you want to create and look at it, have it behind your computer. I think for yourself,  it will keep your mission and your motto in mind and what you were working towards.


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