Choosing The Right Content Model For Your Personality with Amy Hager

social media Dec 06, 2021
Choosing The Right Content Model For Your Personality



Choosing the right kind of content for your personality is key to making it a joyful experience instead of feeling like a chore. Amy Hager joins Cash In On Camera to share how to choose the right content model for you and how to make creating content not only a pleasure but profitable too!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:09] So recording the videos and really being able to teach and explain from that component. There's also going to be visuals. So if you are into artistic, hand-drawn graphics, things along those lines, even designing things like in Canva or Adobe, and then the last one really is live and in-person, and that's what we're doing here. Having conversations, doing interviews, speaking from stage leading workshops, where you're really engaging with people. 
▶️ [3:08] It took me an extra 60 days to write this ebook like it was pulling teeth and it very much so reminded me. I need to stay in my content personality, which is life and in person. And so when you are getting ready to do your marketing. If it's feeling like a chore, I think you need to really reflect, is this the right content personality for you? And then we get into the right tools, right? Is it social media? Is it podcasts? Is it having a YouTube channel or is it sending newsletters and creating blogs and things along those lines?
▶️ [6:46] Yeah. So I would say that really think about your expertise, your confident expert, your thought leadership expertise. And when you think about that, in what gifts you want to share with the world, and when you show up in service and you are just lighting, it is amazing. How can we capture that in other ways? How can we parallel that in other ways? If you're on your group coaching call and really that's where you are best at, how do we then get you more opportunities to showcase your group coaching?
▶️ [8:50] And what are we doing that we don't enjoy, that we don't make money, that it costs us money and figuring out. How to reposition some of those things as well, so that you can be at that high vibration all day long and really live a truly joyful life. And some people are like, you're more in alignment. Some people are talking more about that work-life balance. And so really taking it from the lens of joy though, is where our specialty lies and uncovering that for each individually. 
▶️ [10:09] Yes. Sometimes you will need help. Maybe it's a business coach, a marketing coach, something along those lines. But when you really tap into your soul and figure out what your gift is, that's really what we believe is the key to you being the expert that you are. So, yeah, Doug, I would definitely say that your innate gift is sellable, now figuring out how to package and serve it is really that next.
▶️ [13:54] I think that it comes back to, well, maybe that modality is not the right modality for you. Maybe this content style is not for you and you should be writing instead. We don't know. We don't know. And until you maybe do this quiz or, do some of that reflection and dig into your self-awareness around what you gravitate to more naturally.
▶️ [15:31] There are so many moving parts. There are so many moving parts to making marketing work, to growing your business. This is one component of it that thinking about the content style or model that you should gravitate to naturally, that could impact the overall marketing that you're doing.
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