3 Steps To Go From Overlooked To Fully Booked with Cat Stancik

online business Dec 08, 2021
3 Steps To Go From Overlooked To Fully Booked



Want to predictably and repeatedly hit your revenue targets? Cat Stancik, known as The LEAD Boss is joining Cash In On Camera to help you to go from avoiding organic lead generation to loving it. 



▶️ [1:29] And what I mean is this, I can qualify you as much as I want in terms of you being a perfect ideal client, but unless you've engaged with me in some kind of way, in that we're both cognitively aware of each other, then you're not really elite. And what I'm talking about really has to do with high ticket sales, because sure you can have funnels and upsells down sells for seven bucks, 27 bucks, and all that stuff, but that's not my world and it's not the world I like to work in. 
▶️ [4:26] And so I compare it to this, which is we've all had that person come to our office, knock on our door. I need this. This person needs that, that person all day long, we're getting into. And the problem is that most of us if we're in the digital marketing space, that's what we're doing to other people online. We are interrupting them. We are bothering them during their day when they're just trying to do their thing, their business, or whatever it is. But what if that colleague or that friend, or even that acquaintance came into your inbox or came to your door and said, “Hey, I've got tickets to the Pink concert.“
▶️ [6:44] Exactly. So it's that ability. So people are often wanting two things. They want to shorten the sales cycle and they want to get to market faster. Right. In terms of concept, they want to be implemented, and get done yesterday. And I think a lot of people are hyper-focused on themselves in terms of them delivering the value and them driving the conversation. Instead of creating an environment where things happen a little bit more naturally, and where people feel called instead of pushed into that next action step and people don't are really hyper-focused on the pitch, which is why most of these strategies are strategies that you've heard of, but they're not working now because they've been. 
▶️ [10:33] And it's very hard to get out of your own way in that regard when you don't really understand what buyer behavior looks like and most importantly, looking and understanding when buyers are ready, not everyone is ready to buy. And do you understand what buying signals are? And do you understand what your ideal clients look like and act like and sound like when they're ready to buy?
▶️ [12:30] And when you're hitting those consistent and predictable revenue targets, you're going to want to talk about systems and processes because they're going to become super sexy. Because that's how you hand off the things that you don't want to do to someone else. It's how you set someone else up for success so that you're not wasting your money. Just hiring a random salesperson who doesn't know how to convert. If you haven't had some level of mastery of this, you're not going to be able to have other people step into your shoes.
▶️ [15:00] No, I'm going to say the thing that I think, and just because I'm biased, meaning I'm a woman, that I think really underdoes and undermines what a lot of women are doing in terms of effort and strategy and marketing, it's asking for the sale. I just ask for the thing that I want. I asked for the connection. I asked for the introduction. I asked if this person wants to be my client, and just being unabashed and going through the process because collecting the NOs, you're going to get to the YES. And so not making that about me and releasing that and really looking at who are the people that I can be of highest service to so that they can increase their impact.
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