You Have More Access To Cash Than You Think You Do with Doria Cordova

productivity Dec 17, 2021
You Have More Access To Cash Than You Think You Do



It's time to stop the busy work and learn how to create and focus on income-generating activities. Dame Doria Cordova joins Cash In On Camera to share how to move your business forward using resources and relationships you might not have otherwise thought of. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [2:22] So very quickly, I want to make sure that these are not concepts, that things that people are thinking about and they're like theory. These are in many ways, principles, these have been proven over and over and over again for a long, long time. So let's get very clear that these things can happen if you have the discipline and applied the principles. So the really indirect examples, like things that you invest in precious metals, rare stones, stock certificates, bonds, real estate, and Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
▶️ [5:12] But those people have been trained so well. They have practice, they have the right lighting. They have something to show, which of course is what is your expertise. And that's why, whenever you invite me, I'm willing to come and be with you because you are an expert that can support people in creating a toolbox of what is needed for them to create more trust, more exposure, and more influence.
▶️ [7:38] We think of it as a kind of disconnected money is money only. But what I really believe is that especially as it pertains to, like you said, what I do, which is, video marketing and content and planning and that sort of thing, that when I'm encouraging people to be seen and to Cash In On Camera to be visible, what I'm really helping people to do is to access relationships collaborations, joint ventures, building their network and that the profitability can come from that in addition to selling the thing you sell.
▶️ [11:29] And that could be three to five things and they make another list of three to five things that are about future leverage in that if that is too much then do three for today and three for the future, then you actually take action. You pick up the phone. Yeah. You do emails or texts or WhatsApp or posting social media, whatever it is that you need to do, and then begin to train your audience. And here I'm stepping into your field, begin to train your audience about who you really are. 
▶️ [14:32] But the biggest thing for you in 2022 is to learn about the new definition of wealth and for a dollar 97, you may want to read the book. And read it along with your teams, with your family members, and say, "Okay, how do we focus on income-generating activities? How do we focus on accessing more of our own resources, contacts, and networks?" And then you begin to make list a list with all of your assets. What are all the things that you own? What are all the things that you have? And people have a lot more assets than they think they do until you put it in writing. That also includes being part of networks like Sheryl's network then is when you itemize it.
▶️ [16:24] You could reach some level of success that way. But if you truly want wealth, which I think is different. Then you're going to have to do the things that you talk about. There is really think about slightly indirect and more indirect forms and using those, as you said, principles, to be able to truly build that out networks, people, teams. And it's just so exciting that you've put this all in a book because, and it's an accessible book for people.
▶️ [19:47] We just have to reach as many people as we can. And thank you so much, Sheryl, for helping me with that. And because we, poverty sucks, it sucks for the person that is experiencing it and for the people that are around them. Nobody wants to be around homeless people, but they are. People are moving out in droves in places like Los Angeles, and San Diego because they don't want to see the homeless.
▶️ [21:20] I can't thank you enough for putting this information in such an accessible form for me and for everyone. I think it's essential reading. And especially as we head through the next year and many years to come, entrepreneurs need to really take this to heart.


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